Fall is here - next spring what blessings will be growing in your life garden? A life lesson about the power of intention


So nice I had to share it twice! As avid gardeners know, Fall is the time to prepare and plant for the next season. This is one of many reasons why it is my absolute favorite time of year. As I prepare for a phenomenal 2019, claiming numerous blessings in countless areas, I know that I must prepare my garden (my life) to receive them.


Specifically, I was reminded of a very important lesson about people and the power of our actions that I learned from my Grandmother Daisy Avington when I was 8 years old. 

I love to grow things. Daisy instilled in me a passion for growing flowers and vegetables by helping me plant my very first garden of carrots and scallions. We carefully picked out the seeds, selected the spot that received the most sun, and fertilized the soil. I just knew I would grow the biggest carrots, impressing everyone, and she would be so proud!

Every weekend for most of my childhood I would go to her house. The weekends after planting the garden, I would rush past everyone as soon as I dropped my bags, and head out into the yard to check on its progress. Every morning of those weekends I would look to see if there was any growth overnight by pulling up the plants, examining each of the little carrot and scallion roots, and burying them again. It should come as no surprise that after 3 weeks of my care, my garden was dead.

Devastated, I cried because I thought I was not a good gardener like my Grandma. Unbeknownst to me however, my Grandma was watching from the window every time I checked my garden, yet she did not correct me while I was doing it. Once it was dead she consoled me, explained what I did wrong, and helped me grow an even bigger one. Here are the many priceless lessons that experience and maturity have taught me:

1. Your life is a garden and what grows in it is a result of your choices (carrots and scallions).
2. Choose your seeds (words) with care.
3. Plant them in good soil (intentions).
4. Choose the areas with the most sun (positive thinking/attitude).
5. Fertilize the soil (speak life/power into people/situations).
6. Be patient. Growth is happening even when you can't see it.
7. Things done out of order are destined to fail.
8. A Grandmother's wisdom is a reflection of God's grace.
9. Failure is a much better teacher than success will ever be.
10. God doesn't require an audience to be God and I didn't need to grow a garden to make my Grandma proud - my birth was enough.

I miss my Grandmothers so much and thank God for them every day. Hope this blesses someone like it did me. 


I believe in you and the power of your dreams!


Love and blessings,

The Queen

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Fall is here - next spring what blessings will be growing in your life garden? A life lesson about the power of intention

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