"I'm out of here!" Five things you must do BEFORE you quit your job


If you work anywhere at a job you hate for more than fiften minutes you probably have had your "I quit!" dress rehearsal play out like  Issa on HBO's "Insecure". You practice your speech, play out the scenarios and imagine your dream job - all in your head until that fateful day arrives. You know the one where any transgression at work sends you careening over the professional cliff and you perform your "Jerry Maguire" exit complete with a "f#%k you" manifesto in your best Madea impersonation.


While I TOTALLY understand the deliciousness you will feel when you FINALLY get to tell these mofos what they can do with their J-O-B, I love you enough to help you prepare for your "moment" and life after it. Here are the six things I am glad I did before I accepted their offer to retire (that's what I decided to call it):



If at all possible, take a moment and begin to mentally prepare yourself.  Leaving your job, no matter the circumstance, is still a BIG decision. In my case, I had family that depended on me financially, so I had to get out of my feelings about them and focus on what was next.




To whomever or whatever your faith leads you, spend a deeper moment of self-reflection and not just emotional reaction. I ask God for clarity, courage and patience for evey major decision. 



GET ANOTHER JOB (if that's what you want - I didn't)

The old saying has proven true for me - it is easier to get a job while you have one. If you can hold off from killing your boss or co-workers, update the resume and start looking right after you decide to quit, but before you actully do it. Trust me, saying you are leaving then for a better opportunity will make you exit even sweeter! I decided to become the boss instead of working for one!



I knew prior to arriving at my last employer that my days as an employee were numbered. I had lost my patience with asking for permission to do anything (time off, promotions, raises etc.) - a sure sign that the end of being on someone's payroll was near. Be honest with yourself - can you afford to walk away? I had a five-year plan when I started my last job and included in that plan was saving money for my departure. I also paid down unnecessary debt and kept my spending to a minimum as much as possible. Finally, I got my credit score up and increased my credit limits in case my entreprenuerial plans took longer than expected to provide for me (and they have). 



If you quit your job and take the entreprenuerial leap, prepare yourself for a whole new world. I cannot emphasize enough that your success will depend on how quickly you relinguish to employee mindset. Gone are the "payday splurges", luxuries like satellite television and high phone packages. Expect that you will spend some time in a professional abyss as your former colleagues and connections stop returning your calls.


The name of the game is maintaining your life until things "jump off". This is also the time where your REAL friends will show up, your love for your dream will be confirmed and you will learn how truly amazing you are!




I promise you that if you do these five things - and keep doing some of them as needed - your decision to break free from the employment chains will be the absolute best decision you've ever made - along with reading Grown Woman Chronicles of course!


Royally yours!

Queen Leslie


















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