Many moons ago, back when television commercials were as entertaining and memorable as the shows the ran between, I recall a personal favorite featuring the incomparable Ella Fitzgerald.

Her musical genius was used to demonstrate the stunning ability of the Memorex cassette tape to capture her vocals so clearly that upon hearing both versions - live and taped - you would be able to determine if she was singing "live or Memorex".

For nostalgia sake, I invite you to watch the commercial  - however I am not here to extoll the virtues of the cassette tape, or Memorex (who has long since gone out of business). I was intrigued by the provactive question in the tag line and how it is still relevant today but for vastly different reasons.

Specifically I asked myself - am I live or Memorex? Am I living each moment to the fullest as often as possible or have a become a really good copy of my former self (or even WORSE a copy of someone else)?

 I want to always feel that I was"live" but in many...

If you work anywhere at a job you hate for more than fiften minutes you probably have had your "I quit!" dress rehearsal play out like  Issa on HBO's "Insecure". You practice your speech, play out the scenarios and imagine your dream job - all in your head until that fateful day arrives. You know the one where any transgression at work sends you careening over the professional cliff and you perform your "Jerry Maguire" exit complete with a "f#%k you" manifesto in your best Madea impersonation.

While I TOTALLY understand the deliciousness you will feel when you FINALLY get to tell these mofos what they can do with their J-O-B, I love you enough to help you prepare for your "moment" and life after it. Here are the six things I am glad I did before I accepted their offer to retire (that's what I decided to call it):


If at all possible, take a moment and begin to mentally prepare yourself.  Leaving your job, no matter the circumstance, is still a BIG d...

(Cue the dark scary music....)        

July 28, 2017 was the date that was burned in my brain. This was the date of my last direct deposit check from my employer and now I was truly on the entreprenuerial trapeze without a net.  No more mindless shopping, Starbucks ventis and overpriced meals - oh Lord! No more one-day sales at Macy's, goodbye to my perfume fetish and dare I say it - no Directv premium channels (oh I am NOT going cold turkey and give up the NFL channel!) To say I felt sheer terror was an understatement, but there is was no turning back now, I was officially SELF-EMPLOYED, yes I was now the BOSS.

As I lay in my bed trying to itemize all of my monthly expenses, figure out who owed me money, and who I would live with if/when the money ran out, I did what any normal, well-adjusted but clearly spoiled person would do - I PANICKED!!! Full blown meltdown complete with tears and snot in the middle of my california king bed. You know the "why doesn't he love me", "you are getting...

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It's all about behavior..not birthdate!

Leslie Andrews

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Finally. After years of incubation –  thinking about this, talking about it and waiting for the perfect moment (which is never going to arrive), the Grown Woman Chronicles has been born. My goal here is simple in its complexity – I desire to create a safe, honest space for women of a certain age to gather and grow.

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When you're looking for direction to keep your organizations, employees, members or executives engaged around personal or organizational strategy, Leslie holds the key to delivering the message to your target audience. 


Leslie is a seasoned and successful philanthropic and fund development leader, specializing in relationship building, identifying and supporting grassroots organizations, as well as positively embedding corporations and organizations within the communities they serve. Book Leslie for your next event, forum or symposium.

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I am passionate about people, but especially women. I am completely convinced that womanhood is a special gift from God and deserves to be elevated and revered. My love of people is also reflected professionally as I have invested the last 20+ years within the media/communications, non-profit development, community relations and corporate giving arenas.

I am dedicating the second half of my career several entreprenuerial pursuits all designed to empower women throughout the world. I will share my story, and many others, with expressed purpose of providing the necessary inspiration for all women to be their higher and wonderful selves.


Thank you for your interest in my journey and I pray that you will join me as I embark on this miraculous sojourn.

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