True confession - I am a liar. When I set out to write this blog, I committed myself to being authentic no matter how it impacted me. I promised God that I would use my platform and honor my reader's time and attention by speaking the down and dirty truth, so here I go.

There are no gray areas here - there have been many times when I have practiced a broad spectrum of dishonesty - from thoughtful (Saying"I really don't mind doing _____",but I really did) to completely deceptive (I am ready to be married again; I am not still broken). It has gotten so bad that I struggle to find the areas in my life where I show up as 100% authentic. Bottom line -  I barely recognize myself these days and things must change.


I see no value in figuring out how I got here, but I am certain that the road back to my higher self will require me to adopt new truths as my foundation. These new t...

September 26, 2017

Let me share one of the hardest lessons that I personally learned January 30, 2016. Job and security are two words that should never be spoken in the same breath - period. They are not related by any stretch of the imagination, and anyone that believes that they can secure their future by punching a clock is a fool. There  - I said it!

It was on that day in January that I learned how valuable I was NOT to my employer. While I negotiated a very generous severance pay package, the money did not make leaving feel any easier. I wish I could say the same for them - with a stroke of pen and the click of a mouse, I was erased from their database like I never existed. 

It was relatively simple  - once I had outlived my usefeulness, the company that professed to care, could've cared less. The first time I felt professionally vulnerable and financially insecure. After I had the requisite "What the hell did you just do?" discussion with myself I had to accept that I had put my destin...

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It's all about behavior..not birthdate!

Leslie Andrews

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Finally. After years of incubation –  thinking about this, talking about it and waiting for the perfect moment (which is never going to arrive), the Grown Woman Chronicles has been born. My goal here is simple in its complexity – I desire to create a safe, honest space for women of a certain age to gather and grow.

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When you're looking for direction to keep your organizations, employees, members or executives engaged around personal or organizational strategy, Leslie holds the key to delivering the message to your target audience. 


Leslie is a seasoned and successful philanthropic and fund development leader, specializing in relationship building, identifying and supporting grassroots organizations, as well as positively embedding corporations and organizations within the communities they serve. Book Leslie for your next event, forum or symposium.

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I am passionate about people, but especially women. I am completely convinced that womanhood is a special gift from God and deserves to be elevated and revered. My love of people is also reflected professionally as I have invested the last 20+ years within the media/communications, non-profit development, community relations and corporate giving arenas.

I am dedicating the second half of my career several entreprenuerial pursuits all designed to empower women throughout the world. I will share my story, and many others, with expressed purpose of providing the necessary inspiration for all women to be their higher and wonderful selves.


Thank you for your interest in my journey and I pray that you will join me as I embark on this miraculous sojourn.

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