Finally. After years of incubation –  thinking about this, talking about it and waiting for the perfect moment (which is never going to arrive), the Grown Woman Chronicles has been born. My goal here is simple in its complexity – I desire to create a safe, honest space for women of a certain age to gather and grow. What age is that? Well, I am glad you asked! The “certain age” I am describing is the point where you make honoring your personal truth and individual journey your ultimate priority. Bottom line, the age where you become the most important person to YOU!

Let me be crystal clear here, I am not talking about chronological ages. I am seeking to discover the deep and powerful epiphanies found in the common life-changing lessons that we share. To gather a few of those lessons, I recently posed the following question to my sister friends – “When did you know you were grown?’ Here are a few of the answers:

“When I didn’t give damn what anybody thought about what I did or who I did it with…”

“When I could pay for whatever I wanted..

” I decided to follow my dreams and not hear the naysayer’s predictions…”

“When I got out of my Daddy’s house and again my ex-husband’s house…”

“When my happiness was more important than his approval…”

This is OUR space for freedom of expression and I eagerly anticipate sharing it with all types of interesting and provocative female voices. As my blogging skills develop and this universe expands and evolves, I will add spaces for dreaming, networking, supporting businesses and whatever else God leads me to create.

As we embark on this sojourn there is only one rule as we chronicle a grown woman’s journey – authenticity is required. Keep it real or just keep it!

I look forward to sharing this experience with you… onward and upward!


Leslie  G. Andrews

I am passionate about people, but especially women. I am completely convinced that womanhood is a special gift from God and deserves to be elevated and revered. My love of people is also reflected professionally as I have invested the last 20+ years within the media/communications, non-profit development, community relations and corporate giving arenas.

I am dedicating the second half of my career several entreprenuerial pursuits all designed to empower women throughout the world. I will share my story, and many others, with expressed purpose of providing the necessary inspiration for all women to be their higher and wonderful selves.


Thank you for your interest in my journey and I pray that you will join me as I embark on this miraculous sojourn.

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