I am completely frustrated. REALLY frustrated - like only finding one of your socks in the dryer frustrated (does anyone know if the dryer actually EATS our socks?). I am emotionally spent, mentally drained and entrepreneurially worn out by the business of being in business.The kicker is that I am frustrated with myself for getting ot this point! My goal with this blog (besides creating an activity to accompany this bottle of wine I just opened) is to document my journey to this point and hopefully help another powerful woman along the way...If any of this sounds like you - open your own bottle and read own...

Hear ye hear ye...being found guilty as charged of felonious self-sabotage YOU are hereby ordered to cease and desist from the following five actions, activities or beliefs:

1. OVERTHINKING - Let's just start with the most prevelant elephant in the room. I over think everything and analysis paralysis has caused me to miss many an opportunity. My brain is my best friend and wor...

So nice I had to share it twice! As avid gardeners know, Fall is the time to prepare and plant for the next season. This is one of many reasons why it is my absolute favorite time of year. As I prepare for a phenomenal 2019, claiming numerous blessings in countless areas, I know that I must prepare my garden (my life) to receive them.

Specifically, I was reminded of a very important lesson about people and the power of our actions that I learned from my Grandmother Daisy Avington when I was 8 years old. 

I love to grow things. Daisy instilled in me a passion for growing flowers and vegetables by helping me plant my very first garden of carrots and scallions. We carefully picked out the seeds, selected the spot that received the most sun, and fertilized the soil. I just knew I would grow the biggest carrots, impressing everyone, and she would be so proud!

Every weekend for most of my childhood I would go to her house. The weekends after planting the garden, I would rush past...

June 1, 2018

Well I waited as long I could before I jumped out there to declare  - SPRING has arrived! Yes, my flowers are blooming, my closet is changed over and most importantly I am cultivating new dreams, ideas and strategies for the future. 

As I have shared in the past, the bounty of any harvest is tied to the seeds planted, AND the care given. When it comes to my goals, I fertilize my thoughts and strategies with books by numerous thought leaders whose research and opinions feed my soul, fuel my ambitions and encourage me to continue to follow the winding path of my dreams.

I endorse the power of a great personal library and encourage all I know to have one. Whether you are looking for your starter collection or adding to an existing theme, here are a few of my favorites that I consult perennially for wisdom and perspective.

Full disclaimer: I am NOT paid to endorse any of these books - I truly have been blessed by them and share how:

The Bible - I have a growing compilation of scriptures that I...

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It's all about behavior..not birthdate!

Leslie Andrews

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Finally. After years of incubation –  thinking about this, talking about it and waiting for the perfect moment (which is never going to arrive), the Grown Woman Chronicles has been born. My goal here is simple in its complexity – I desire to create a safe, honest space for women of a certain age to gather and grow.

Leslie Speaks...

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When you're looking for direction to keep your organizations, employees, members or executives engaged around personal or organizational strategy, Leslie holds the key to delivering the message to your target audience. 


Leslie is a seasoned and successful philanthropic and fund development leader, specializing in relationship building, identifying and supporting grassroots organizations, as well as positively embedding corporations and organizations within the communities they serve. Book Leslie for your next event, forum or symposium.

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I am passionate about people, but especially women. I am completely convinced that womanhood is a special gift from God and deserves to be elevated and revered. My love of people is also reflected professionally as I have invested the last 20+ years within the media/communications, non-profit development, community relations and corporate giving arenas.

I am dedicating the second half of my career several entreprenuerial pursuits all designed to empower women throughout the world. I will share my story, and many others, with expressed purpose of providing the necessary inspiration for all women to be their higher and wonderful selves.


Thank you for your interest in my journey and I pray that you will join me as I embark on this miraculous sojourn.

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